Rules of Ranch
  1. Be Safe. Please follow ALL of your training from Hunter’s Safety course. If more than one hunter on site, then wear the orange vest.
  2. Enjoy the Experience. There is the obvious thrill of finding but savor the hunting. Nature is an inspiring environment so cherish the break from the normal hustle & bustle of normal life.
  3. Follow the Guide. We have an experienced hunter to direct you. He knows the property & the animals so can chose a hunt that is as easy or as challenging as you desire. Listen to him so that Rules #1 & #2 are fulfilled. Compliments are always appreciated but gratuities pay his bills!
  4. Keep your Texas hunting license with you. Native animals, whitetail, turkey, & doves can only be shot during appropriate season and must follow Texas hunting laws. However, a valid Texas hunting license is required for all hunts & must be presented with ID to any game warden.
  5. Be sure you know the price for the animal(s) you shoot. If in doubt, ask first. We will help you track a wounded animal but note that it is charged same as a kill regardless if found. Prices do not include field dressing (extra $15) nor caping for a mount (extra $25).
  6. Sign the waiver about risks on the ranch & let us know if we can post photos/videos of your success.
    View a sample release form
  7. If we do it right, tell your friends & followers. If not, tell us! Use the suggestion box for any ideas to improve the Experience.