Exotic Hunts

Wild Horns Ranch [‘Tusks & Horns’] stocks a wide variety of Exotic Game Animals. Since these are non-native to our area, they can be hunted year-round although some trophies are more desirable in specific seasons—refer to the individual pages for more details.

We provide guided hunts for a spot & stalk or take you to stands on well-traveled game trails. Let us know your skill level and/or ultimate goals and we can help select the trophy and the style of hunt.

While we cannot guarantee that you hit your target(s), we can usually make sure you get a shot! Some of these trophies can create quite a challenge as they are skillful at eluding humans. For Exotic Hunts, you only pay if you are successful. As with other hunts, drawing blood does count as a kill (wounded animals generally die). Our pricing includes retrieving the kill but does not include field dressing or preparing for mounting your trophy. However, our guide is glad to provide these services & hopefully that generates extra gratuities!

A valid Texas hunting license is required for all hunts but there is no specific license or tag required for exotics (only on native animals, i.e., whitetail deer).

We offer the best VALUE for hunting exotics in central Texas! When you weigh the cost, convenience, experience of our guide, and amenities, then we are #1. Many of our posted prices are a range since we are constantly bringing in new trophies to fit different budgets. Be sure to let us know if you have a specific trophy envisioned as we have many resources to fulfill your dream hunt.